White Spanish Anchovies

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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Spain
Growers: Matiz

Matiz España is a "division" of Culinary Collective, a small company dedicated to suppor
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Also known as boquerones, Spanish White Anchovies are exceedingly delicate and far more subtle than their conventional anchovy brethren. Fished from the Mediterranean Sea, each tiny anchovy is cleaned one by one, then set to marinate in wine vinegar and salt for a minimum of 72 hours. The final product is packed in sunflower oil and ready to enjoy. Serve with great olive oil, roasted peppers, cured olives and grilled bread.

Members of the herring family, anchovies range from 1 to 4 inches in length, and have been a staple of the global diet for thousands of years. Often maligned for their pungent, salty flavor, anchovies will lend a savory umami flavor when used judiciously in recipes. Anchovies form the basis for the pungent fish sauce found in many sub-tropical cuisines, and are the tantalizing cornerstone of any proper Caesar salad. Fresh anchovies, while oily, feature a white flesh and much milder flavor than the preserved version. The process of salting and curing anchovies is what turns their flesh a darker color and lends them their assertive flavor. White anchovies, or boquerones, from Spain are pickled rather than salted, preserving their pale color and more delicate flavor.