Green Garlic

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Seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring
Origin: Contra Costa County-california
Growers: Knoll Organics

Until 1979, Rick and Kristie Knoll had been "alternative suburbanites" in Santa Ana, where
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Knoll Farms Organic Green Garlic is exceptional for its sweet, green flavor and consistent size. Bulbs are not overdeveloped and greens are long, dark and glossy. Superb incorporated into soups, risotti egg and pasta dishes, with potatoes, or grilled. Rick and Kristie Knoll began their careers as biodynamic farmers back in the '70s while living in Santa Ana. A move north to Brentwood and a 10 acre alfalfa field brought their future more sharply into focus, and today they produce a variety of salad greens, herbs, figs, apricots, plums and nectarines on that same 10 acres. Biodynamics refers to a complex process of applying a microbial compost to soil to enhance its ecosystem and the plants' ability to absorb nutrients. The Knolls feel this takes their farm and resulting produce beyond "organic" and produces fruits, vegetables and herbs of exceptional high quality.

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