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Berries and Strawberries Alert: Supply will remain very tight on Strawberries, Stem Strawberries & Raspberries, with quality reflecting cold, wet weather. Rain is forecast to hit both Ventura County & Baja growing areas, which means continued limited supply of marginal fruit. — Feb 11, 2019
Tomatoes: Cool weather in early January caused bloom drop in growing areas: Expect market to be stronger & color lighter this week. — Feb 11, 2019
Schedule Alert! We will be throwing our Annual Employee Appreciation Party Sat Jan 26th, to celebrate our amazing Greenleaf team. We will be CLOSED on Sunday, Jan 27, 2019 so our teams can enjoy a day off. We will stop answering live calls at 2pm on Saturday Jan 26th and will resume answering live calls at 6pm on Sunday Jan 27th. Prep product needs to be ordered by 1:00pm on Saturday Jan 26th for delivery Monday Jan 28th. Thank you! — Jan 18, 2019