Eat Drink SF 2017!

EAT DRINK SF 2017: A Medley of Micros, Dumplings & Lobster.

For the past two years we have sponsored Eat Drink SF by providing our outstanding ingredients free of charge to the world-renowned chefs of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. For our first ever blog post, we are excited to give you a window to our experience as distributors and supporters of the local culinary community.
Waiting in lines is a customary ritual for those wanting to enjoy the delicacies that the Bay Area has to offer. We are simply used to sipping on a cold one while we do it. Waiting to enter Eat Drink SF, we were served a nippy ocean breeze instead, a nice aperitif to the smorgasbord inside.
As seasoned professionals at chowing down, our Greenleaf crew took to the booths like locusts, enjoying the beautifully coifed bite-size dishes. Slurping, grinning and licking fingers are signs of our love language when it comes to enjoying food, and so we did blissfully until our bellies only had room for tequila☺
Friday we enjoyed a Poseidon poised feast of sea delicacies while few veered far from the trend of ceviche, crudo and lobster topped everything. The evening started when vodka was squirted into my spicy lobster gazpacho at the Le Colonial booth. How delightful.

The boys from Mezcalito put on a delicious show where more lobster was set sizzling before us along with boozey beverages showcasing the last of our local blackberries. We sopped up our tears of joy with duck sliders and made second rounds for Waterbar’s cured salmon, La Mar’s Cebiche Lujoso with leche de tigre ( a unique citrus marinade) and the kombucha rosemary tequila concoctions to wash it all down with. Regardless of the dish served, dainty microgreens topped every last one, as if it were the carefully coifed “do” that this red carpet required. It was the top hat to ahi and the veil to canary melon. We can thank Sebastopol Microgreens for providing much of this hot list product!

Saturday we cozied up to lush dumplings from Dragon Beaux, Chine Live, Dumpling Time and more fruits of the sea. These hot, juicy and succulent nuggets of dumpling bliss were a beautiful way to start day 2 and hop back on the indulgence train. The magnificent ladies of The Riddler kept our glasses full of bubbles and hearts full of hope. We then got to delight in other worldly treats such as the Fragola Ravioli with our local strawberries, TRACE’s Fig topped Summer Squash Vierge and Meritage’s updated tartar showcasing more of the microgreens (and reppin’ the East Bay).

While the food was good and the booze was bountiful, it was the familiar faces and the recognizable product that made us smile. As the connection between farmer and chef, it was a true pleasure to talk about the figs from farmer Rick Knolls at Knoll Farms, the living microgreens from Kathy at Sebastopol and the luscious strawberries from Coke Farms just down south. Hearing the chefs rave about their product is lovely but passing along the praise to our partner farms is the reward we wait for at the end of the day.

While we are on this love train, bearing witness to new and veteran chefs alike fan each other with complements and positive feedback was as beautiful as the feasts they served. It’s well deserved support in this challenging time to get restaurants running fully staffed and funded, even in a town that loves to eat out. As Matthew Dolan of 25 LUSK so perfectly put, “Eat Drink SF provided an opportunity to meet other chef’s that inspire one another, to make meaningful connections and keep the community alive.” His dish is exemplary of his words: a carefully sourced yellowfin crudo, balanced with the sweetness of licorice and the salinity of sea buckthorn, all inspired by Saru Sushi in Noe Valley.
We left the weekend satiated and appreciative of the work we are able to do for those following their culinary dreams. We owe a huge thank you to all the people involved in putting on such a fantastic event and for all the hard work that went into each and every presentation. We are joyfully 5lbs heavier and look forward to seeing what all these chefs have in store for this next year.